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05. The Ministry of Healing

Reading through this inspired book will give a solid foundation in understanding our duty to obey the laws of our bodies as they are also God's laws.

Here is the complete book in PDF E-Book and below are short quizzes for the various sections that can be done for review as each section is read. the Answer sheet is provided.


The world is sick, and wherever the children of men dwell, suffering abounds. On every hand there is a seeking for relief. It is not the Creator's purpose that mankind shall be weighed down with a burden of pain, that his activities shall be curtailed by illness, that his strength wane, and his life be cut short by disease. But all too frequently the laws established by God to govern the life are flagrantly transgressed; sin enters the heart, and man loses sight of his dependence upon God, the source of life and health. Then follow the penalties of transgression--pain, sickness, death.

To understand the physical laws governing the body and to bring the life practices into harmony with these laws is a duty of first importance. There is a need for an understanding of the many factors contributing to true happiness--a cheerful home, obedience to the laws of life, proper relationship to one's fellow men.

When sickness comes, it is essential that we employ the varied agencies which, in co-operation with nature's efforts, will build up the body and restore the health. There is, also, a larger and more vitally important question--that of our relationship to the Creator who originally gave man his life, who made every provision for his continued happiness, and who today is interested in his welfare.

Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this book, because like all that God does, it combines simplicity with great depth and profound insight. Doctors have built successful practices on the profound insights found here.

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